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Here you can find all our articles about driving in Iceland

Winter driving in Iceland: How to stay safe and enjoy the views

Planning a winter driving adventure in Iceland has its benefits. Fewer people, more freedom, and stunning winter wonderland scenery. Not to mention a really strong chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Your guide to F-roads: Driving in Iceland’s highlands

If you’re planning to rent a car in Iceland, you’re going to encounter F-roads. They take you off the beaten track and towards the most stunning scenery. Put simply, they are where your off-road adventure starts...

From Reykjavik to Akureyri: Scenic drives in Iceland you can't miss

You can’t beat an Icelandic road trip. Look out the window one minute and you’re passing incredible waterfalls and lava fields. Next, it’s icy glaciers and geothermal pools.

A Comprehensive Guide to Road Surfaces in Iceland: Tips for Your Icelandic Car Rental Adventure

Are you planning a road trip in Iceland? As a local Icelandic car rental company, we understand the importance of knowing about road surfaces in Iceland to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Iceland's unique landscape and weather conditions can present some challenges on the roads, and being prepared is key to having a smooth driving experience. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to road surfaces in Iceland and share some valuable tips for your Icelandic car rental adventure.

Beware of Animals on the Roads in Iceland: Road Safety Tips for Driving in Iceland

Iceland is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, including vast open fields where animals, such as sheep, horses, and reindeer, freely roam. While driving in Iceland, encountering animals on or near the roads is not uncommon, and it's essential to be aware of this unique road hazard. As a local Icelandic car rental company, we prioritize road safety, and in this article, we'll provide you with valuable tips on how to safely navigate the presence of animals on Icelandic roads.

Navigating Blind Corners in Iceland: Essential Tips for Your Icelandic Road Trip

If you're planning a road trip in Iceland, it's essential to be prepared for the unique challenges of the Icelandic road system, including blind corners. Iceland's breathtaking landscape can present hidden curves and blind spots on the roads, which require extra caution and careful driving. As a local Icelandic car rental company, we understand the importance of road safety, and in this article, we'll provide you with essential tips for navigating blind corners in Iceland during your Icelandic road trip.