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Scegli data, ora e luogo


Scegli data, ora e luogo

Terms and Conditions

Obligations of the renter

  1. The renter agrees to the provisions of the lease and has received a copy of it.
  2. The renter and named drivers shall be 21 years of age and possess a valid driving license for at least one year before the date of the rental.
  3. The renter is responsible for the vehicle from the time of contract signing until the vehicle has been registered as returned in My Car’s booking system. Only the named drivers on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle. If the vehicle is driven by a person who is not registered in this rental agreement, all insurance becomes null and void, in which instance the Renter is fully liable for the vehicle, for damage it may sustain or damage it may cause to other people, objects, or vehicles, and is obligated to pay for such damage in full.
  4. The vehicle shall be driven carefully and always with road and weather conditions in mind and the driver shall always abide by the laws and regulations of Iceland. Any fines or penalties from the use of the vehicle will be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
  5. The renter is responsible for paying for any parking tickets, road tolls or other incidental fees related to the usage of the car while under their responsibility. For any unpaid ticket, the Renter is subject to an additional service fee of ISK 2.500.
  6. The renter is liable for any damage caused to the vehicle or from the use of the vehicle that does not fall under the terms of the insurance. Such damage can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
  7. In the event of a collision and/or accident the renter is responsible for immediately contacting and notifying the Icelandic police and emergency services (Emergency phone number - 112) as well as MYCAR rental +354 552 1700. The renter may not leave the scene of the collision and/or accident until the police has arrived or a formal accident report has been filled out and signed. Any damage caused which is not reported to MYCAR rental within 12 hours of the event, will bear the responsibility of the renter, regardless of the collision damage waiver (CDW) that is attached to the rental agreement.
  8. The renter may not drive the vehicle where it is prohibited by law. The renter may not drive the car in banks of snow, ice, on glaciers or frozen lakes, on sand beaches or in the sea. The renter may not drive the vehicle on the mountain or highland roads and on roads marked with ‘F’ on formal Icelandic Road maps (Unless in a 4x4 F-Road approved vehicle and when the F road in question is formally open for traffic by the Icelandic Road Authorities). The renter will be subject to a company fine of up to 500 EUR in addition to any fines issued by the Icelandic police. Such costs can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
  9. The renter may not operate the vehicle under the influence of any kind of intoxicants, including alcohol, drugs, or any other substances.
  10. The renter may not smoke in the car. If there is evidence of smoking the renter will be responsible for a minimum cleaning fee of 500 EUR. Such costs can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
  11. The vehicle may never, under any circumstance, be taken out of Iceland.
  12. The renter is responsible for all objects transported or left in the vehicle and MYCAR will not be responsible for any theft of items that might occur.
  13. The renter is not authorized to have any repairs done to the vehicle.
  14. The vehicle may not be loaned, subleased, or used for the transport of passengers or items against payment.
  15. The renter shall return the vehicle according to the conditions below:
    a) With all attachments and extra equipment, including GPS navigation system, tires, maps, tools, and anything else present in/on the vehicle at the start of the rental, in the same condition except for wear and tear resulting from normal use. Should any items need replacing or repairing the renter agrees that any such cost can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period. The final vehicle inspection takes place upon cleaning.
    b) At the time, date, and location agreed upon at the beginning of the rental, unless other arrangements have been made with MYCAR. If the car is not returned at the correct time or place, the renter agrees to pay any costs that might occur from reclaiming the vehicle and transporting it back to the MYCAR office in Keflavik. Such costs can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
    c) With a full tank of fuel. MYCAR is authorized to charge the renter for any fuel that is missing according to MYCAR's pricelist. The current charge is 40 EUR for each empty quarter of the tank on normal passenger cars, and 50 EUR for each quarter of the tank for 4x4 vehicles/vans.
  16. If the renter does not return the car at the predetermined time according to the rental agreement, MYCAR reserves the right to reclaim the car by themselves or with the help of the police, at the renter’s expense, along with a rental fee for every day begun after the contract expiry date. Any extension to the timeframe of the rental agreement is subject to the consent of MYCAR. Such expenses can be charged to the renter’s credit card provided at the beginning of the rental period.
  17. If the Renter does not show up or returns the car earlier than the predetermined dropoff time, there will be no refund for the time difference.
  18. The Renter must provide a credit card of which an imprint will be taken at the start of all rentals for security reasons, even when a voucher covers the cost of the entire rental. This credit card imprint may be used to pay all extra charges: insurance, extensions, parking tickets, damages, missing fuel, or any cost due to the use of the rented vehicle.
  19. The Renter’s signature to this rental agreement equals the Renter’s signature to credit-card withdrawals in case of any payments that MYCAR charges against the Renter’s credit card and which MYCAR should rightfully receive on grounds of the provisions of this rental agreement.

    Obligations of MyCar Rental
  20. MYCAR agrees to the provisions of the lease and has received a copy of it.
  21. MYCAR will supply the vehicle at the correct time and date and in good, clean condition, and with a full tank of fuel. Should the fuel tank not be full, MYCAR will point that out and make a comment in the rental agreement.
  22. If the vehicle malfunctions for reasons not at fault of the renter, MYCAR will replace the vehicle with a comparable vehicle or better, as soon as possible, unless repairs can be made quickly and without further interruptions to the renter. As MYCAR will strive to resolve any such issues quickly, any compensation for accommodation will be offered according to Icelandic Travel Law.
  23. MYCAR guarantees to have valid liability insurance for its business operation.

  24. The rental fee includes the mandatory vehicle insurance, including a collision damage waiver liability insurance (CDW) and accident insurance for the driver and the owner (TPL), as well as a Gravel Protection (GP) and Windshield Protection (WP). The standard liability for CDW is 350.000 ISK, 30.000 ISK for TPL, 50.000 ISK for WP and ZERO ISK for GP.
  25. The liability amount, also know as the self-risk or deductible, represents the amount the Renter is liable to pay in case of damages, according to each insurance option.
  26. Insurance options:
    a) Collision damage waiver (CDW) covers for damages such as scratches, dents, or collision with other vehicles or objects. Standard liability of CDW is 350.000 ISK. It can be lowered to 120.000 ISK by purchasing the GOLD insurance package or ZERO ISK with the PLATINUM insurance package.
    b) Third party liability insurance (TPL) covers for damages caused by the renter to other 3rd parties, consisting of the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at any given time. The standard self-risk of TPL is 30.000 ISK. This can be reduced to ZERO ISK by purchasing an individual TPL upgrade or the GOLD/PLATINUM insurance bundles.
    c) Gravel protection (GP) covers for small gravel marks made to the front of the vehicle (Excluding the windshield). Liability of GP is ZERO ISK.
    d) Theft protection (TP) only covers the theft of the vehicle, excluding any personal belongings. Liability of TP is ZERO ISK.
    e) Windshield protection (WP) only covers for damage caused to the windshield of the car by gravel impact. The standard liability of WP is 50.000 ISK. It can be lowered to ZERO ISK when purchasing an individual WP upgrade or the PLATINUM insurance bundle.
    f) Sand and ash protection (SAAP) covers damage caused by sand and ash storms. The damage can consist of sandblasted paint, plastic trims and even broken windows. These storms can happen anywhere in Iceland, although the frequency is highest on Route 1 on the south coast. The repair in such cases can exceed 1.000.000 ISK. SAAP can be purchased individually with a liability of 90.000 ISK or ZERO ISK when purchasing the PLATINUM insurance package.
    g) PLATINUM includes all the above (CDW, TPL, GP, WP, TP, SAAP) with a ZERO ISK liability
  27. The following are not covered by any insurance. The Renter is fully liable for the full repair amounts as well as any indirect costs such as transportation/recovery fees, restoration to third party or anything else that might be connected to the below actions:
    a) Damage caused by strong winds blowing up the doors while opening them.
    b) Pumping wrong fuel in the tank.
    c) Damage caused to the tires, chassis and undercarriage of a vehicle and water damage caused by driving in rivers, lakes, or the sea. These can be caused by driving recklessly on rough roads, damaging the vehicle´s transmission or other parts that are in or attached to the chassis, by scraping the bottom of the car on ridges left by road graders, on stones lodged in the road surface or riverbanks or on the shoulder of the road. The same applies to damage occurring when stones are thrown up, striking the underside of the vehicle during driving.
    d) Intentional damage or damage due to gross negligence on the part of the driver.
    e) Damage resulting from the driver being under the influence of alcohol, stimulants, or sedatives, or in any other way incapable of driving the vehicle in a safe manner.
    f) Damage due to race or test driving.
    g) Damage due to natural forces, war, revolution, civil unrest, or riots.
    h) Damage done by animals.
    i) Holes burned into seats, carpets, or mats.
    j) Damages resulting from driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as paths, tracks, banks of snow, ice, unabridged rivers or streams, beaches, places only accessible at low tide, or other trackless areas.
    k) Damage caused by sea spray/seawater if the vehicle is transported by sea.
    l) Damage to vehicles caused by driving where prohibited by law as explained above at point 8 in the Obligations of the Renter.
    m) Damage caused to the roof of the vehicle by irresponsible actions such as climbing on top of the car, putting heavy objects on the roof or any other negligent behavior that is not a direct result of an accident or force majeure event.

    General conditions
  28. The Renter confirms with his or her signature on this rental agreement that he or she received the vehicle and attachments in sound condition and has pointed out any inconsistencies to a member of MYCAR staff.
  29. This rental agreement shall always be in the vehicle while under the responsibility of the renter.
  30. Additions and amendments to the conditions and provisions of this rental agreement shall be made in writing.
  31. If the renter breaches this agreement, then in no way shall MYCAR become responsible for reimbursement of the rental fee, in part or full, or endure any related costs because of the breach.
  32. Icelandic law applies to agreements made based on the terms stated above. This includes any claims for compensation that might be made. This applies both to the basis for and the calculation of compensation. The same applies to claims for damage based on liability outside this agreement. If legal disputes arise concerning the lease agreement, they will be heard before MYCAR's legal venue, the District Court of Reykjavik, Iceland.
  33. Any disputes between the parties regarding the rental agreement can be submitted to the Arbitration committee of the Icelandic Consumer´s Association and the Icelandic Travel Industry Association.

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