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Your guide to F-roads: Driving in Iceland’s highlands

If you’re planning to rent a car in Iceland, you’re going to encounter F-roads. They take you off the beaten track and towards the most stunning scenery. Put simply, they are where your off-road adventure starts...

But, what are F-roads in Iceland? What are the challenges of F-road driving in Iceland? And how should you navigate around Iceland’s F-roads? This blog has answers to all your F-road questions.

What are F-roads in Iceland?

Iceland’s F-roads are the country’s mountain and highland roads (the F stands for fjalla – mountain in Icelandic). They are always marked with an ‘F’.

Away from the tarmacked Ring Road or graveled sections of road, F-roads can be narrow, rocky, steep and full of potholes. You may also encounter water crossings when driving F-roads. They can present a challenge to even the most confident and competent of drivers.

Conditions and hazards on F-roads in Iceland

Iceland’s F-roads are not well maintained and are often in a bad state of repair. It is easy for damage to be caused to rental vehicles when you are unfamiliar with the roads – especially to the underside of vehicles.

Taking you across mountains and rivers, conditions on F-roads can be dangerous. Changes in the road’s surface (which can happen faster than you realize) are indicated by road signs. F-roads are not safe to drive in the fall, winter and spring, you can only access them during the summer months.

Other hazards you may encounter on Iceland’s F-roads include blind summits, blind corners, and animals running into the road. The key is to stay alert when behind the wheel.

4x4: The best F-road car rental in Iceland

F-road conditions in Iceland can be so bad, it’s neither safe nor legal to drive a two-wheel drive vehicle. Instead, if you are planning to travel Iceland’s F-roads, you’ll need to hire a 4x4. And the higher the clearance on your rental vehicle, the better.

Speak to your car rental company about your travel plans before you hire a vehicle. This way they will be able to recommend the best 4x4 for your trip.

F-roads in Iceland map/ Map of Iceland’s F-roads

When traveling around Iceland by rental car, you will need a map to show you where you are and how to get from A to B. Your rental car will have a paper map and GPS. But before then, check out this map to help prepare for your Iceland F-road adventure.

[insert map of Iceland]