Driving in Iceland

What do you need to know when you rent a car in Iceland

Driving in Iceland can sometimes be a difficult task

Driving in Iceland can sometimes be a difficult task and it is important that drivers know as much about Iceland and its road system as possible. Below are some of the main areas of interest and we encourage every driver to read the following information and watch the video below.

Please choose a safe speed

Special warning signs indicate danger ahead, such as sharp bends, but there is generally no separate sign to reduce speed. Please choose a safe speed according to conditions. 

Motorists are obliged by law to use headlights at all times, day and night. In Iceland all driving off roads or marked tracks is prohibited by law. Icelandic law forbids any driving under the influence of alcohol. In Iceland you drive on the right and overtake on the left.

3 Road Driving Rules

Follow these 3 rules and you will be much safer!

Gravel Road can be very dangerous

Gravel surface

Most mountain roads and roads in the interior of Iceland have a gravel surface. The surface on the gravel roads is often loose, especially along the sides of the roads, so one should drive carefully and slow down whenever approaching an oncoming car. The mountain roads are also often very narrow, and are not made for speeding. The same goes for many bridges, which are only wide enough for one car at a time.

Be carefull when driving on gravel turns

Blind corners

Blind corners and summits are also very common in Iceland. It is important to slow down and keep well to the right when approaching such areas. Icelandic roads are often raised (to help keep roads open during heavy snow) and because of that rollovers can easily happen of the car strays too far to the side of the road.

Drive carefully near domestic animals

Domestic animals

Domestic animals, mainly sheep, often stray onto the roads. Please take care and slow down when approaching the animal since it might panic and run in front of the oncoming car. If you hit an animal you should immediately call the police or notify the nearest farm.

Also Good to Know

Basic informations before you travel on Icelandic roads

What should I know about Parking in Iceland?

Parking restrictions are strict but clearly indicated. Always park in the direction of the traffic and always at least 5 metres from pedestrian crossings and intersections.

What is the speed limit on Icelandic Roads?

The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas, 80 km/h on gravel roads in rural areas and 90 km/h on paved roads.

What is the conversion for kph to mph?

1 mile = 1.6 km 1 U.S. 1 km = 0.6 miles

What is the alcohol limit in Iceland?

A driver will lose his licence if the alcohol content of the blood reaches 0.05 and he/she will have to pay a heavy fine. The police monitor drunk driving aggressively and one should never drive after having an alcoholic drink.

Using mobile phones

The use of a mobile phone while driving requires a hands free set by law.

What are the seat belt regulations in Iceland?

In Iceland seatbelts are compulsory front and rear. Children must be secured by either safety-belts or safety-seats.

Can I use my domestic licence in Iceland?

Foreign driving licenses are valid in Iceland for visitors.

What documents may i need to carry?

It is advisable to carry your driving license, insurance certificate and vehicle registration, along with your passport.

Information ( PDF )

Driving in Iceland Information on many languages ( PDF )

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Have a safe and enjoyable journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anwears to questions like, What do I do if the car breaks down?

Rent a car in Iceland

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  1. What do I do when I have booked an airport pickup?

    On arrival, shuttle pick up at meeting point in KEF airport - Information desk, arrival area. - Detailed information will be sent prior to arrival.

  2. Where is your airport office located?

    We are located at Keilisbraut 771, 262 Reykjanesbær. Our telephone number is +354 552 1700.

  3. How do I make the car rental payment?

    At the time of booking we require only your credit card for reservation and validation purposes only. No withdrawal will be made to your card at that time.
    Payment is made at the contract signing when you pick up your car.

  4. Can I use my foreign driver's license?

    Yes, as long as your license is valid it will be recognized in Iceland.

  5. Will I get to know Mr. Similar ?

    No - all our cars are brand new Toyotas. We do not carry other brands and therefore you are always safe to get the car you rented and not a cheaper option within the same category.

  6. What do I do if the car breaks down?

    Contact our 24 hour service at +354 552-1700 and we will respond to your problem immediately.

  7. What do I do if I need to cancel a booking?

    You can send us a e-mail to booking@mycar.is and let us know that you will be cancelling your booking. please include your booking number in all correspondance. We will send you an e-mail back to confirm your cancellation. Please read our terms & conditions for further information on our cancellation policy.

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