為了促進積極的變化並實現我們在冰島的汽車租賃的可持續發展目標,我們與冰島的許多優秀公司合作。 他們的專業知識使我們能夠做的事遠遠超過獨自作戰,而他們的熱情和才華也啟發了我們。 冰島MyCar汽車租賃向您介紹了我們的壹些合作夥伴。

MyCar Rental

We were picked up at the Keflavik airport and driven to the car rental company. The staff was very friendly and gave us some helpful tips and pointers, the same goes for when we returned the car.
The Toyota Landcruiser we had rented was brand new, and it is absolutely the best car to travel in Iceland.
FANTASTIC service. Picked us up right on time from the airport, had their sign held up clearly, our car was waiting for us and it only took about 5 minutes to check in and get on the road. Car was super clean and in great condition. Definitely not the case with other car rental locations in Iceland!
I wish to give an unbiased and unsolicited review for MyCar, we are from Singapore and happened to chance upon the car company during our search. We decided to went with them because of the convenience of getting our car (just in the BNB we were staying at) and also the price is reasonable.

We were unaware of what was to happen to us in Iceland will be one that is truly unforgettable, apart from the beautiful scenaries and the adventures you will experience in Iceland, we met with one that was truly unique and unfortunate.

Our car got skid during our return from Jokulsarlon back to the city. and it was damaged beyond repair. What i can tell you is i am deeply touch by the help from the Icelanders, whom step out to ask us if we needed help, gave us shelter in their vehicle (from the extreme cold) and some food while waiting for help from the reps from MyCar, police and ambulance.

MyCar's helpline was extremely helpful, gave us assurance and at least something for us to look forward to as we were in foreign land and we did not know who else to seek help from. Although the car is an valuable asset to them, throughout the incident time, Dianna did not even ask or gave me any vibes that they are more concerned of the vehicle than us. which i am very grateful that she is taking our lives and the incident seriously. For this i am truly sorry that the car ended up in an accident.

Dianna & Iris from MyCar helped us alot from the extraction of the vehicle from the crash site, which was beyond driving condition. Then facilitated our transport to pick our other family members from the hospital, then to the city.
Even when we are back home, there was still communication and Iris had promptly chased for the police report from the local authorities so as to facilitate our insurance reporting back at home country.

Thank you to the team!

To future car renters at Iceland, driving in Iceland in winter is no joke as the weather changes rapidly, you can experience snow, rain, (very) strong wind all within a 20 mins ride of the journey. very unpredictable. And of course we do not want accidents to happen on us, but they are called accidents for this reason, and it is wise to get a good company with good follow up in the event of bad things. and i am glad we chosed MyCar for our iceland trip.

Overall, the car was good. spacious. Brakes and all were good, but just unfortunate for us that the car skidded.

For the record, thank you ladies for the assistance render to our family! We sincerely thank you for this!
Can't recommend the guys at MyCar enough. They are brilliant, very friendly and so helpful. They even gave us a in- car wifi box so we could use our phones and maps. Thanks!!!
A good car rental company

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