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Pour contribuer à un changement positif et atteindre nos objectifs de durabilité en tant que location de voiture en Islande, nous nous associons à de nombreuses entreprises extraordinaires en Islande. Leur expertise nous permet de faire bien plus que nous ne le pourrions seuls, et leur passion et leur talent nous inspirent. La location de voiture MyCar en Islande vous présente une poignée de nos partenaires.

MyCar Rental

Very good customer service. New cars in great condition. Willingness to resolve issues.
Highly recomends My Car.
Nice and honest people, fair prices, fine service , super car.
We was upgraded from Toyota Yaris to Coralla hybrid .
We will come back again for sure.
We were picked up at the Keflavik airport and driven to the car rental company. The staff was very friendly and gave us some helpful tips and pointers, the same goes for when we returned the car.
The Toyota Landcruiser we had rented was brand new, and it is absolutely the best car to travel in Iceland.
FANTASTIC service. Picked us up right on time from the airport, had their sign held up clearly, our car was waiting for us and it only took about 5 minutes to check in and get on the road. Car was super clean and in great condition. Definitely not the case with other car rental locations in Iceland!
Can't recommend the guys at MyCar enough. They are brilliant, very friendly and so helpful. They even gave us a in- car wifi box so we could use our phones and maps. Thanks!!!

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